What software do you need to build a website?

Website software.
Website software.

What software will I need to create my website?

Am I going to have to break the bank to buy a very complex program that I’m going to take months to understand?

While there are indeed a large number of software programs made specifically for the task of designing websites, you don’t need any complicated tool to start building your site today.

Why go and pay for complicated software when you already have everything you need at home?

You can create a website in Notepad.
You can create a website in Notepad.

All you need to start building your website using HTML5 and CSS3 is a text editor, and it just so happens that you have the most famous text editor already installed on your computer… the infamous Notepad.

Yes, you heard me right, you can start coding in HTML and CSS with Notepad.

Of course, there are other free programs that will help you build your site… for example by providing syntactic coloring to your code and therefore make everything easier to read.

Adobe Dreamweaver, Visual Studio, Brackets, SublimeText are a few examples of free programs for web development and website creation.

Which software you choose is up to you.

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