The history of CSS

CSS3 Stylesheet.
CSS3 Stylesheet.

Just like the HTML language, there exist different versions of CSS that were all added one after the other to attempt to improve the language.

HTML defines the content while CSS is used to arrange the content and adjust the presentation: color, background image, margins, text size and so on.

As you can imagine, you can build a website entirely in HTML… but the result will be a bit rough around the edges.

The CSS language however needs an HTML page to work.

This is why I recommend learning the basics of HTML first before going on to deal with the decoration aspect in CSS.

Of course, if you do that your first pages won’t be that pretty at first, but who cares… it won’t last very long anyway.

So here is the history of the CSS language.

  • CSS 1: the first version of CSS appeared in 1996, it laid the foundations of the language which allows the webmaster to display web pages with colors, margins, custom fonts and other layout elements.

  • CSS 2: the second version of CSS appeared in 1999 and was soon after completed by its most popular update CSS 2.1. This new version of CSS added numerous options, including some very accurate positioning techniques to display items where we want them on the page.

  • CSS 3: the third version of CSS is the latest version, which adds eagerly awaited features such as gradients, roundeed borders, text shadows and much more.

If you want to learn more about the history of HTML5 and CSS3, just read the SiteRaw tutorial.


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